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Rene Spandauw, The Netherlands

Halle Lions, Germany | 17/18



Languages: Fluent in Dutch, English and German, also speaking and understanding basic French


Nationality: The Netherlands








National Basketball Federation of the Netherlands, diploma basketball coach “B”, highest coaching degree in the Netherlands

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, USA, 2004, Masters Degree in Sport Administration with an emphasis on Sport Management

Additional work:

Speaker at coaches´ clinics in the Netherlands, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland and France

Coach and speaker at approximately 40 basketball summer camps in the United States


National Teams

  • Head Coach National Women´s Team of the Netherlands 20 and Under, 2012. 4th place at European Championships, highest finish ever for a Dutch under 20 team, record in the tournament 5-4
  • Head Coach National Women´s Team of the Netherlands 18 and Under, 2011 (resigned due to health reasons)
  • Assistant Coach National Senior Women´s Team of the Netherlands, 2010
  • Head Coach National Women´s Team Germany 16 and under, 2005 and 2009


  • 2015-16 Halle Lions, DBBL
  • 2004-2015; 2014/15 2nd place in DBBL Cup & 2nd place in DBBL play-offs.
  • 2013-2014 record 14-15, reached finals of Cup, lost in the play-offs to the upcoming champions Wasserburg.
  • 2012-2013 record 27-3, Champion of 2nd division and made the semi-finals of National Cup (1st team ever in 2nd league to achieve that feat)
    2011-2012 overall record 4-18
    2010-2011 overall record 21-20, 3rd place in German League, 2nd round Euro Cup
    2009-2010 overall record 39-11 (25-6 German League, 5-0 German Cup, 9-5 Euro Cup), German Champion , winner of German Cup, reached semi Final of Euro Cup team's 1st participation; average age of team´s players 21.5 yrs;
    2008-2009 overall record 29-6, German Champion, winner of German Cup, youngest team in the league (average age at start of season 20.7 yrs)
    2007-2008 overall record 27-6, winner of German Cup, losers of play off finals, youngest team in the league (average age 21.3 yrs)
    2006-2007 overall record 25-6, 3rd place in German Cup, 3rd place in League play offs
    2005-2006: record 19-16; made semi finals of play offs; Winner of Silver medal in the German Cup
    2004-2005: record 17-12, Winner of Silver medal in the German Cup; in Euro Cup record 4-4; group winner and eliminated in round of 16
  • DBBL Coach of the Year 2007-2008, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 as voted by league representatives and media
  • Eurobasket Coach of the Year in Germany, 2008-2009 based on internet voting
  • Coach of the Year in ANY sport in the state of Saarland, Germany, 2008
  • Assistant Coach University of Southern Mississippi, 2003-2004
  • Head Coach Eisvögel Freiburg, DBBL, 2001 – 2003, overall record 29-27, Cup Finalist in 2002
  •  International (European) Scout for the Miami Sol of the WNBA, 2000-2003
  • International (European) Scout for the Charlotte Sting of the WNBA, 1999-2000
  • Internship in coaching with the Charlotte Sting of the WNBA, 1998
  • Winner of Leo van der Kar Award; most talented basketball coach of the Netherlands, 1998
  • Head coach of the Women’s National Junior Team of the Netherlands 18 and under, 1993- 2001
  • Voluntary Assistant coach, St. Joseph’s (IN) University men’s team, 1995
  • Assistant coach with the Dutch Women’s National Team, 1991 and 1996
  • Head coach, Celeritas Groningen, 1992-1994, records: overall 33-29, year by year 13-17, 20-12
  • Voluntary Assistant coach, Texas A&M University men’s team, 1992