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Georgi Davidov, Bulgaria

Lukoil Academic, Bulgaria | 16/17



Nationality: Bulgarian


Languages: Bulgarian, English (worked as an individual trainer for Alando Tucker)


Born: 1976





Notes: Regarded as one of the top strength & conditioning coaches in Bulgaria

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

PBC Lukoil Academic

July 2012 – Present (2 years 1 month) Bulgaria

Bulgarian National Cup winner 2012/2013
Bulgarian League Champion 2012/2013
Bulgarian League Finalist 2013/2014
EuroCup Group Stage 2012/13, 2013/14


Big men workout. Post up workout. Individual workout with centers. Warm up and stretching. Strength and conditioning coaching, nutrition, basketball preparation and physical preparation for professional basketball athletes.

Other notes:

Former professional basketball player for 15 years.